Coastal Extreme Value Analysis (CEVA) Documentation

About Coastal Extreme Value Analysis (CEVA) version 1.0.1

A statistical tool for the estimation of the likelihood of the occurrence of extreme values

Extreme Value Analysis deals with the statistical estimation of the occurrence of extreme events based on measured data. It has a range of applications including selecting design wave heights for coastal protection structures. CEVA was developed by incorporating the pyextreme module created by Georgii Bocharov with the goal of making this analysis faster and easier.

To see more about the pyextreme module, please visit:

CEVA version 1.0.1 has some of the following features:

  • Cleaning, Filtering and editing time series data
  • Extracting extreme events from time series data using either the  Block Maxima (BM) or Peak Over Threshold (POT) method.
  • Fitting continuous distributions to the extracted extreme events
  • Estimation of extreme events using the return period
  • Plotting and visualisation of results
  • Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface

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